Summer! Oh, how we love summer! I’ve been collecting fun summer activities for toddlers just for you that are perfect for the home. And I love this collection!

we decided to round up some of our favorite toddler activities that can be done during the summer, indoors and out, any time of the day. These fun activities involve lots of hands-on exploration and can be shared with older children, too!


 Ice painting: Cool off on a hot day while painting on a block of ice. So fun!

 Frozen watercolors: Make your own sparkly frozen watercolors and watch what happens as they melt.

Paint with balls: This is a fun activity that involves rolling balls dipped in paint. Try it indoors or outdoors!

Drive cars through paint: If your toddlers love cars, they will adore this hands-on activity! Grab their favorite cars and trucks, add paint, and roll them across the paper.

Fish stamping process: Use the free fish template and start stamping paint using a cardboard tube.

Mix color with hands: This is a fun activity to do on the patio! Mix 2 colors of paint with the hands and watch how a new color is created.

Stamp circles with paper tubes: This activity is super simple, yet so much fun! All you need is a recycled paper tube and some paint.

Frozen sparkly paint: Whip up your own sparkly watercolor paint, stick it in the freezer, and you have a fun activity on a summer afternoon.

Paint big: Take a big sheet of paper outdoors for some fun big painting. (Learn with Play at Home)

Play with homemade lavender scented dough: Toddlers will love helping you make this calming play dough. Save for those moments when everyone needs to wind down.

Scoop edible ice cream play dough: You will only need 2 ingredients to make this taste-friendly playdough. (Crafty Morning)

Dandelions playdough: Pull the dandelions from your lawn and make some vibrant yellow playdough. (Parenting Chaos)


Yellow sun collage: Collect yellow objects and glue them to a paper sun – free printable!

Colored ice fun: Work on color recognition outside in the wading pool! (Learn-Play-Imagine)


Cardboard shapes collage: Recycle cardboard for this fun process art activity. (My Bored Toddler)

Outdoor shapes hunt: Look for shapes in nature while taking a summer walk. (Creative Family Fun)

Shape stamping: Use your toddler’s nesting blocks for a simple shape stamping activity.


Sticker fish counting: Work on simple counting skills (and fine motor) while pressing stickers on fish. (Happy Toddler Playtime)

Numbers stones: Here’s a fun way to expose toddlers to numbers while at the beach. (Nurture Store)


Alphabet stamping: All you’ll need is a buck of water and some alphabet sponges for some fun outdoor literacy. (And Next Comes L)

Letter tracing: Trace over letters on the sidewalk using water. (Coffee Cups and Crayons)


Pom Pom water play: Toddlers love pom poms, so why not add them to a bin of water, along with cups? (Busy Toddler)

Simple water play with balls: Add some small balls with water in a wading pool for some cool summer fun. (Learn, Play, Imagine)

Pouring water: Learning how to pour water is perfect outdoors with the inevitable spills and overflows. (Hands-On As We Grow)

Build your own sprinkler: Toddlers love to jump in the sprinkler on a hot day, so why not make one yourself out of a plastic bottle? (Housing a Forest)

Splash pad: Turn a tarp into a fun slip and slide. (1 Little dude and 3 Little Ladies)

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