Help Your Child in placing Letters on a Line.

Placing text on a line ( baseline placement) is challenging for some children.

Depending on the age of the child and the severity of the problem, I use several strategies to facilitate proper baseline placement. Here are six techniques you can try at home:

1. When children have difficulty writing on the baseline, I call these “popcorn letters.” The image of watching popcorn pop up and come down is an easy concept for young children to grasp. Simply working on “no popcorn letters” often helps children think about the proper placement of their text.

2. The simplicity of the double lines helps children place letters on the baseline correction and the upper line controls the size of the student’s writing. It’s a great way to keep letters uniform and neat!

3. Teach the proper placement of capital letters as well as tall, small, and descending lower case letters by modeling placement on the multiple types of paper they are being asked to write on at home or school.

4. Bring awareness to the type of letter being written by having your child use the hand activity. to determine what kind of letter is going to be written prior to writing it.

5. Use embossed paper or create raised baselines with a serrated tracing wheel to provide tactile cues for proper letter placement.

6. Have your child evaluate his or her own handwriting and circle the words with the best baseline placement.

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