How to Raise an Introvert child?

Some things are hard to accept by the people or the society. Introvertness is one of them. Society mostly prefer extroverts instead of introverts because they fail to understand them. It is a hard nut to crack to raise an introvert child especially their likes, dislikes and decorum.

So, here are some tips to raise an introvert child that make them comfortable around you:-

Accept and Embrace

Firstly you have to accept the child as he or she is. Accept their introvertness. Give them some precious time. Try to understand their likes, dislikes. As your child is your responsibility, deal with them with great love and care. Admire their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

Solitude is the key

Introverts prefer solitude besides the large group of friends to recharge them. As a parent you have to respect this version of your child. Never force them to involve in social gatherings if they don’t want to do so. Solitude doesn’t mean a long break and distance from society, that will lead to depression. Discuss the problems which your child faced among large gatherings as a friend not a parent.

Track their passion and Interests

Spend some quality time with your child. Try to understand his or her interests, hobbies and passion maybe he or she wants to talk to you about his/her interest and hobbies. Embrace them and give their interests to fly high.

Comparison spoils the game

As introverts absorbs all the emotions and Vibes around them, so beware before comparing your child with another. Introverts observes and absorbs more than anyone else so never pop out the negativity around them. Always spread positivity and teach them some good moral and social values.

Parenting of an introvert child definitely not an easy task but acceptance and quality time makes you to win this game.

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