How to aware your child with ‘Sharing is Caring’ ?

“Sharing is Caring”. There is no doubt in it.
As we are social beings, so it become necessary to helping others. Sharing things with others develop a sense of humanity, love and affection. In the foundation stage of your child, you should teach them the importance of sharing and how sharing becomes a caring thing.

Here are some tips through which you can develop sharing skills in your little kids:-

Set an Example of yourself

Whenever you play with your kids try to make sure that you teach them the meaning of sharing through actions, games or verbally. For example, when you eat something share some food with your kid or any other person in the house and set an example in front of your kid that sharing is caring and it gives a sense of kindness and humanity because in their foundation stage children are so observant that they try to copy your actions and teachings.

Stories of Kindness can create magic

Children love to listen stories. Children have the tendency to understand themselves as the protagonist of the story. So, you have to make sure that stories should be in a positive way and the protagonist have good social and moral values so that your kid also grab those skills. If you include great examples of the act of kindness and sharing, it will definitely add a benefit in your parenting.

Toys prove to be the Masters of sharing

Toys are the life of every preschool children. They love their toys like nothing else in their worlds. So, as a parent you have to use their toys to set good examples to them. Teach your child to play with their toys with their other friends or their siblings. This can create a sense of sharing in their subconscious mind and they can master the art of sharing.

Praise them when they share

Appreciation and admiration is the best thing which everyone expecting. So, when your child share something with others or perform an act of sharing then praise them through gifts, toys or through your words so that they feel happy and proud over them and continued their act of sharing the things with others.

In the foundation phase of your child parents have the duty to teach some social and moral values to their children so that when they understand the things and become mature enough, then they prove themselves good person in the society and live their life with happiness and joy.

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