How Sleep is your Child’s Best Friend?

Sleep is the most necessary element in human life. Children at their preschool age need 8 hours of sleep to get away their grumpiness, gain energy and freshness and enjoy their activities and mischieives wholly.

According to experts, children have different sleep timings according to their age groups. In general though, one to three year olds need between 12-14 hours of sleep per day. Most kids this age take one long nap and go to bed between 7 and 9 p.m. Kids ages three to six years old typically need between 10-12 hours of sleep per day.

Here are some reasons that prove the importance of sleep in your child’s development:-

Sleep promotes Growth and Development

Kids mostly spend their time in deep sleep and it is good enough as it is a natural process which develop their body and mind. According to experts, several hormones are released in children body during their deep sleeps.

Sleep promotes Healing

Cytokines are produced by the body during deep sleep which helps to battling illness amd promotes Healing of the body. We take an example of common flu that we feel exhausted and goes into a deep sleep which promotes healing and produces reliable hormones in our body.

Sleep protects Heart

Children with sleep disorders have excessive brain arousal during sleep, which can trigger the fight-or-flight response hundreds of times each night,” says Jeffrey Durmer, M.D., Ph.D., a sleep specialist and researcher in Atlanta. “Their blood glucose and cortisol remain elevated at night. Both are linked to higher levels of diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease.” Thus, it becomes necessary to have a sound sleep.

Sleep reduces Stress

As sleep have the direct connection with mind and hormones, so that sound sleep of some hours give your child a sense of peace and relaxation which boost up their cognitive and motor skills.

Reading stories before bedtime makes a good transition between active play and rest time and should be a part of the bedtime routine. Those special, quiet moments with books will become special memories for you and your child.

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