Introduce the new Generation with Exercise!

Good morning kids!!
It’s high time to do some exercise through fun.
In this way, parents can start their kids mornings. As exercise doesn’t benefit only the body but mind also. If kids in their earlier age learn to do some exercise and meditation, then it will be an added benefit into their lives.

Parents should encourage their children for morning exercise in the form of mild stretching, jumping, running etc . You can transform exercise into fun activities so that your children always take it seriously and will do it by their hearts.

Following are the minimum benefits which exercise have provide to your kids:
• Encourage Body Development
• Enhances Mental development
• Increase their Reaction Times
• Increase their Learning Capabilities
• Enhance their senses
• Improve Posture
• Boosts Immunity
• Helps body to battling disease
• Increase Cognitive and Motor skills

These are the minimum ones. If you get to think about the maximum effects, then you should have to explore it through doing.
In their foundation stage, the children needs a great love and care. Bring them a gift of Exercise and Meditation everyday through fun playing techniques.

Maintain a daily schedule and BMI chart of your kids.
Give them a target that they have to finish this activity and they will get a reward of completing it. You can prepare some tasks for them so that they make their bodies to move.

Keep Exercising to fit your Body, Mind and Soul !!

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