Chairman’s Message

With the establishment of its first school in 1988, ACN Group has achieved a phenomenal growth in the areas of School Education, Higher Education, Trading, Export and Import.

ACN Schools aspire to bring about a quantum improvement in school education. The purpose is to help children realize their unique potential.

Each child is special. Every child has an exceptional mind that shapes how she responds to Stimuli. One method for educating doesn’t work for each kid. We have to encourage the manner in which they learn, not constrain them to learn in the manner in which we instruct. Education should foster real understanding: Understanding is different from acquiring information. Mere acquisition of information relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity.

We assist the young minds in understanding the significance of life and build up the attitude to lead life effectively. For this, we blend life skills, values and habits with academics. Genuine understanding comes from an integrated approach. Building design, pedagogy, teachers, curriculum content, activities and examinations – all are integrated to achieve the vision envisaged for the Child.

Our schools provide an eco-framework where various variables affect the child. Educators, educational plan, evaluations, environment, ambience, framework, exercises all are designed to enhance the capabilities of the students.

We aim to help students achieve their dreams through education. For that, we are establishing a chain of schools in different parts of India.

With ACN, you can get the benefit of a readymade package of well-researched and tested curriculum, pedagogy, and planning.

We are looking forward to join hands with like-minded people who aspire to provide education to the students through their own schools.  


Best regards,

Dr. R A Chaudhary