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Discover the personal and financial freedom that comes with owning your own business.

Join the Doodle Kids family and be a part of transforming early education.

Enter a growing $48 BILLION dollar industry.

  • Enjoy the support of a corporate team that is committed to making your franchise succeed. You’ll hit the ground running with your own digital marketing team, included when you become a Theory Preschools franchise!
  • Transform caregivers into educators using our innovative and proven methods based on EYFS Curriculum.
  • Enjoy the rewards of bridging the gap between early education and the K-12 school system with the Theory Preschools Curriculum.
  • Secure your future with residual income from our multi-location business plan and financing options for owning your facilities.


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Below-mentioned are a few reasons which highlight the importance of taking our franchise for the success of your pre-school project:

  • UK Based System of Education
  • Access to a proven business model, network, expertise, systems and processes
  • Learning from over 30+ years of experience in the education field
  • Technical assistance in creation of infrastructure at competitive prices.
  • Get the benefit of a recognized brand name with immediate recognition of Doodle Kids and further brand building
  • Fast launch of the project by our team including designers, suppliers and workers
  • Savings from Centralized procurement and supply system catering to the requirements of the school and the children
  • Expert guidance and support from Head Office, our team of professionals with proven track record in education space
  • Entering in school education with minimum hurdles and risk-protection
  • No stress of designing curriculum, books, study materials, prospectuses, advertisement, etc.
  • Continuous guidance to solve the day-to-day problems and ideas for up-gradation of infrastructure
  • Local promotional marketing support
  • Multi-Level training of personnel by orientation programs for adaptation to the Doodle Kids Philosophy
  • Support for indoor/outdoor events including media coverage
  • Setting up proper accounting and feedback systems
  • Make a difference in students’ lives through quality education
  • Easy Access to Financing
  • More Success Potential